Breath of Fresh Air

hepa filtersCarcinogens, pollution, two health risks we expose ourselves to every day. Seeking refuge from second-hand smoke, pollen and other toxins in our homes, we feel we are safe to take a deep, calming breath. One forgets that in our own homes we have pollutants hiding in our carpets, in the crevices of hardwood floors, things we drag from the outside, on our clothing or shoes. Dust, pet dander, odors, even smoke brought in on your clothing from being in a bar or casino, these can cause sinuses to flare plus breathing issues with those who are asthmatic.

Air purifiers are beneficial in reducing the odors, toxins as well as pollen we breathe in while in our own homes. It can reduce the gathering of dust plus the settling of germs as a tool in maintaining healthy living. There are a large number of purifiers on the market, so which is the best for your family?

According to the number one source of health-related information, WebMD, a HEPA filter air purifier will give you the most bang for your bottom dollar. HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) works by forcing air through a mesh that traps harmful particles that we may breathe in such as dust mites or pet dander.

When shopping for a HEPA air purifier, have a list ready of all that you want your purifier to do. Purifiers come in a variety of sizes and functions. Some machines work well in small rooms while others have a much higher density. Others have a special dual technology for greater sanitation.

One highly rated air purifier is the GermGuard 3-1 air cleaning system with a true HEPA filter and a UV-C light technology that helps destroy airborne bacteria, germs, viruses, and mold. While compact, the GermGuard can cover 155 square feet, plus it comes with high customer ratings. This GermGuard model retails for around $89.99.

Honeywell’s True HEPA allergen remover is another well-rated air purifier that contains an activated carbon pre-filter that traps larger contaminants and then passes the smaller particles through for the HEPA filter to finish the job. It covers a room of up to 170 square feet. Normal retail price is around $132.99

hepa filtersDo not run into buying an air purifier without doing research. Customer reviews and product descriptions are very important when considering which unit is best for your house. You don’t want to purchase a purifier that costs $200 for your 170 sq foot room, only to find that it covers less than 150 square feet. You must also be aware if the unit expels ozone. Some purifiers can create ozone in the atmosphere which is something that should only be done in serious cases of serious mold infestations, with no one in the house. Carefully read all reviews left by consumers of the product on various websites such as Consumer Reports, even Amazon or any store site where the item is sold.

Air purifiers hold so many benefits to our breathing. Wouldn’t you like a breath of fresh air today?