Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are well known to be very beneficial for health and wellness. In most homes, air purifiers are essential because of the positive impact they have on the people in the home. There are many benefits of air purifiers that generally include prevention of unwanted health risks. However, in order for you to have a great experience with air purifiers, you must first know the best air purifier to choose from and its potential benefits for your home and/or office. For example: best air purifier for pets will help you to avoid pet allergies.


Benefits of Air Purifiers

Mold Elimination

Air purifier with HEPA filters are the best for the elimination of mold. HEPA, short for high-efficiency particulate arresting, is a type of filter that is able to capture 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 micron. Because mold spores have a range from one to twenty microns, the HEPA filters are able to capture all of the molds.

Reduced Allergens

Air purifiers work by breaking down household allergens and pollens to destroy their harmful effects. its effects. Children and the elderly are typically more prone to allergies than a healthy adult because their body systems are weaker and cannot fight off allergens. Air purifiers are able to provide clean air and improved breathing for those who are living in the house. Additionally, pet dander can cause allergic reactions. Having an air purifier allows families to enjoy their pet while knowing that their air is clean and pet hairs are captured.

Odor Removal

Not only do air purifiers remove regular household odors, but they also are able to remove smoke. They keep the air in the house circulating so it is continuously fresh. If fish has been cooked or a room has been painted, its original scent will soon return if there is an air purifier inside. They are also good for homes with cats due to the scent of the litter box.


Most Important Factors to Consider When Buying an Air Purifier


The square footage of an air purifier’s area should either be the same or even a little bigger than the square footage of the room. Typically, square footage numbers assume that the house has an 8 foot ceiling. Considering this will help the buyer avoid purchasing a filter that is too small for a room, therefore rendering it ineffective. This also affects the air changes per hour. This number (the ACH rating) tells how long it takes for any given air purifier can exchange all of the air in a room. So if the purifier has a ACH rating of 5 for a 15′ x 15′ room, that means it is able to exchange all of the air in the room 5 times per hour. The higher the ACH rating, the better.